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    -Thursday Jan 10 I & J Fountain Restaurant 5:30 start Reservations needed 623.583.1222 -Friday Jan 25 Birt's Bistro 5:00
  2. 1
    -Saturday March 9 Birt's Bistro 5:00 -March 21 I & J Fountain Restaurant 5:30 -Friday April 19 Birt's Bistro 5:00
  3. 4
    - September 6 Friday Birts Bistro 16752 N Greasewood Dr Surprise - Octobert 4 Friday Birts Bistro 1675 N Greasewood Dr Surprise
  4. 2
    -Saturday May 4 Country Baptist Church, 12844 West Santa Fe Dr, Surprise, AZ, Gospel Show 6:00 PM -Thursday May 16 I & J Fountain Restaurant 5:30 -Friday May 17 Birt's Bistro Address:I & J Fountain Restaurant 12221 W Bell Rd Surprise, AZ Reservations Needed 623.583.1222 -Birt's Bistro 16752 N Greasewood St Surprise, AZ start time 5:00
  5. 3
    - July 25 Thursday I & J Fountain 12221 W Bell Rd Reservations please 623.583.1222 - August Friday 16 , Sun City Grand - August 23 Friday Birts Bistro 16752 N Greasewood - August 30 Vi@Silverstone - Scottsdale - August 31 Sundance Adult Living Buckeye
  6. 5
    - November 16 Saturday Lord of Life Lutheran Church Sun City West - November 19 Tuesday Sun City RV Club - November 30 Saturday Birts Bistro 16752 N Greasewood Dr - December 6 Friday Birts Bistro 16752 N Greasewood Dr - Deember 10 Tuesday Private Party
  1. 1
    -Sunday Jan 20 - Rose Garden RV Resort Surprise, AZ Gospel Show
  2. 2
    -Tuesday March 12 Desert Garden Church -Saturday April 27 Lord of Life Lutheran Church Sun City West
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This 90 minute show opens with the distinct 

reminiscent  “Boom Chicka Boom” sound as the rich, soulful, baritone vocal delivers the most identifiable Johnny Cash Song, “Folsom Prison Blues”.  Your guests will be instantly captivated!  They will yearn for more as the magical story about the greatest entertainer of the 20th century is about to unfold in song, recitation, humor, and narrative. 

Crowd encouragement is the main priority as the presentation evolves performing more and more unmistakable #1hit songs such as “Daddy Sang Bass” and “Ring of Fire”.  Steve, Ken and Dave guarantee to deliver their tribute show in the most memorable possible way, using drums, upright bass, rhythm guitar, telecaster lead guitar, piano, and fiddle. 
This show has had many sold out performances and also plenty of record attendance to it’s credit.  Many folks say. “if you close your eyes you would swear Johnny Cash was singing” or “I wasn’t really a Johnny Cash fan, but now I am!” 

  From corporate shows in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the countless private shows and public gatherings of over 1200 people at one time or  another, this family entertainment show is a winner. 

  What do you say? Come along and ride this train—your patrons will certainly appreciate this excursion into yesterday.  Let’s celebrate the career of “The Man in Black”. 

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